2017 Lao New Year at Wat Mixayaram

This past weekend Kinnaly & Pom Foundation attended Lao New Year & Nang Sangkhan at Wat Lao Mixayaram. Our music students provided traditional Lao music for the morning almsgiving, two of our students competed in Miss. Nang Sangkhan, and our littlest Kinnalies and orchestra walked in the Lao New Year parade! Our Kinnaly managers held down their annual dessert & drink booth and nearly sold out of all the goodies! Needless to say, it was a VERY busy weekend for us all.

Thank you to Wat Lao Mixayaram for including Kinnaly in your Lao New Year celebration year after year. It's such an honor to be apart of an amazing event and surrounded by Seattle's lively Lao-American community.

"Thank you to everyone in our community for supporting @kinnalyseattle by donating and making a purchase to our cause today. Although years have passed, and we big sisters of Kinnaly may no longer be actively dancing/performing, we strive to continue what we built once upon a time ago in various ways so that our future generations of Lao American children will always have a place to learn about their culture and build lifetime bonds. 💜 It truly takes a team & just want to send a special thanks to all 🙏 We are grateful for the continued support. Happy Lao New Year!"

- Olivia Louie, Kinnaly Manager

Photos by Pom Foundation Board Member, Dennis of KHOM Photography.