2017 Lao American Writers Summit

Kinnaly attended and performed for the 2017 Lao American Writers Summit held in Seattle, Washington for the first time! The Lao American Writers Summit Seattle 2017 weekend featured keynote speakers Refugenius (award-winning Lao American poet, playwright, and cultural producer) and Krysada Binly Panusith Phounsiri (professional dancer, award winning poet, and avid photographer)!

"If you weren’t there, you missed another inspirational summit as fellow creatives made space for a moving dialog on the state of Lao America and the literary arts. More than 400 people gathered at the 4th Lao American Writers Summit in Des Moines area of Washington state at Highline College. Hosted by the Lao American community of Seattle and organized by local organizations POM Foundation, Kinnaly Dance Troupe, AANAPISI, and Lao Community Service Center." - Little Laos On The Prairie

2017 Lao New Year Celebration Hosted By Lao Embassy in Washington DC

For the first time ever we were invited to perform and celebrate Lao New Year at the Lao Embassy in Washington DC! It was such a great honor to be there, mingle with so many different people and also meet with other music and dance troupes across the nation.

We'd like to thank His Excellency Lao Ambassador Mai Sayavongs and his wife Madame Soumaly Sayavongs for inviting us to their Lao New Year Celebrating and for their continued support of our program and our Lao-American youth. We are looking forward to many more Lao New Year celebrations at the Lao Embassy in Washington DC! <3


2017 Lao New Year Party Hosted By LCSC

This past weekend our students performed at the Lao Community Service Center's (LCSC) Lao New Year 2017 party! Our dancers and musicians opened the evening party with several music and dance pieces in addition to walking in Lao ethnic fashion show. The evening was filled with raffle prizes that we were all hoping to win, giveaways, and of course a lot of dancing and fun! Kinnaly was recognized throughout the evening as being leaders in mentorship and cultural preservation for Lao-American youths in the greater Seattle area. :) The Kinnaly program managers, families, and friends were all in attendance in support of LCSC.

Thank you LCSC for inviting us to perform for your Lao New Year party! It was such a fun and exciting event that we all thoroughly enjoyed. Also, we'd like to say thank you for the gift cards for all the students, they were ecstatic to receive their gifts ;)

2017 Lao New Year at Wat Mixayaram

This past weekend Kinnaly & Pom Foundation attended Lao New Year & Nang Sangkhan at Wat Lao Mixayaram. Our music students provided traditional Lao music for the morning almsgiving, two of our students competed in Miss. Nang Sangkhan, and our littlest Kinnalies and orchestra walked in the Lao New Year parade! Our Kinnaly managers held down their annual dessert & drink booth and nearly sold out of all the goodies! Needless to say, it was a VERY busy weekend for us all.

Thank you to Wat Lao Mixayaram for including Kinnaly in your Lao New Year celebration year after year. It's such an honor to be apart of an amazing event and surrounded by Seattle's lively Lao-American community.

"Thank you to everyone in our community for supporting @kinnalyseattle by donating and making a purchase to our cause today. Although years have passed, and we big sisters of Kinnaly may no longer be actively dancing/performing, we strive to continue what we built once upon a time ago in various ways so that our future generations of Lao American children will always have a place to learn about their culture and build lifetime bonds. 💜 It truly takes a team & just want to send a special thanks to all 🙏 We are grateful for the continued support. Happy Lao New Year!"

- Olivia Louie, Kinnaly Manager

Photos by Pom Foundation Board Member, Dennis of KHOM Photography.


Raised $2500+ From Kinnaly Drink & Desserts!

We made over $2500 from our drink + dessert sales this past weekend at the Lao New Year 2017 Festival in Skyway! Thank you again to our awesome Kinnaly moms: Yangjom Chulaparn, Nang Saythavy, Mama Kong Lao Jeow Bong Family, and Deng Buparat for making and donating all the drinks and desserts! Also, a big thank you to all the moms who helped man our very busy booth during the festival. Lastly, thank you to Wat Lao Mixayaram for having us year after year at the Lao New Year Festival!

Throwback: 2016 Lao New Year & The Myth Nang Sangkhan

Throwback to Lao New Year 2016 where Malee, one of our very own Kinnalies, was named 2016 Nang Sangkhan at Wat Lao Mixayaram New Year celebration in Seattle. This year our students will be participating in the festivities again playing music and walking in the parade. Malee will also be returning to hand off her title and responsibilities to the next young girl.


The Myth of the Nang Sangkhan

Written by Saengmany Ratsabout (Little Laos on the Prairie)

The role of Nang Sangkhan (Sangkhan Ladies) makes its presence during the New Year festivities through the reenactment of the myth of how the divine King Kabinlaphom (Brahma) lost his life due to losing a bet with Thammaban (Dhammapala), the Great Sage, and was decapitated. However, he warned that if his head touched the earth, a catastrophic fire would swallow the world, if it touched the sea, the ocean would dry up, if it touched the sky, rainfall would cease it exist. Kabinlaphom instructed his seven daughters to place his decapitated head in a cave on the foot of Mount Sumeru, a place neither of this world nor that of the gods. To pay homage to their father and to prevent the occurrence of natural disasters, every year, one of the seven daughters attend to the decapitated head by cleansing it and leading a procession around the base of Mount Sumeru to show their reverence to Kabinlaphom. Read the full article here.


 Photos by Pom Foundation Board Member, Dennis Sikhanthat of  Khom Photography

Photos by Pom Foundation Board Member, Dennis Sikhanthat of Khom Photography

1st Lao Language, Reading, & Writing Class Celebration

Over weekend our youngest students performed for the Lao Community Service Center's (LCSC) 1st Lao Language, Reading, & Writing Class Celebration in Algona, Washington. Many parents and families showed up to show their support and of course watch their little ones take the floor for their FIRST performance of 2017! YEEEE!!!

Additionally, a few of our Kinnaly and Pom Foundation members were celebrated in completing their first Lao Language class! Congratulations to Olivia (Kinnaly Communications Manager), Phon (Pom Foundation Director), Souriya (Pom Foundation Treasurer), and Noi (Pom Foundation Treasurer). The rest of the Kinnaly managers, parents, and families danced the night away - It was such a fun and exciting night for Kinnaly to say the least!

We'd like to say thank you to LCSC for continually inviting Kinnaly to perform at your events and being such a great community organization to work with! We look forward to performing and celebrating with you at your Lao New Year party in just a few weeks!

Photos and video provided by our Kinnaly moms Van Phane-Green, Vanessa Tran, and Pom Foundation Board Member, Dennis Dr. WTPho ;)


Congratulations To Our #NewHuskies2017

Congratulations to our two Junior Instructors, Kiana Vongsady and Anthony Tran on their acceptance into one of the top public universities in the nation, the University of Washington! We couldn't be more proud of all their accomplishments and so excited for what the future has instore for these bright future community leaders!

End of 2017 Winter Quarter!

Yesterday, our students finished their first quarter for 2017! We invited parents and guardians into the studios and each class showcased one song/dance they've been learning for the past 2.5 months! They've worked long and hard on some of their pieces and we couldn't be more proud of the dedication and hard work they've shown in class.

We will kick off Spring Quarter next Sunday and start preparing for our heavy performance season and Lao New Year! Stay tuned for the many exciting performances and events we will be participating in!

1st Annual Pom Foundation Benefit Dinner

Our Kinnalies performed several dances and ensembles during the 1st Annual Pom Foundation Benefit Dinner. Pom Foundation is the parent organization of the Kinnaly program and also hosts the Lao Summer Camp and Lao Cultural Exchange program that our students participate in every year during summer break.

One of the dance performances was "Fon Lao Huam Pao," Lao Diversity & Friendship dance. This video was shared on Facebook by Van Phane-Green, a Kinnaly mom of 1 music student and 2 dance students. We hope you enjoy!


Photos below are taken by Pom Foundation board member, Dennis of Khom Photography during the Pom Foundation Benefit Dinner. Thank you Dennis for always capturing such beautiful images of our students and their families!

Kinnaly's GiveBIG Fundraiser

For the past several years we've participated in Seattle Foundation's GiveBIG Fundraiser. GiveBIG ‬ is a one-day, online fundraising event where all donations made through the GiveBIG website will be stretched-matched.

What does that mean? Seattle Foundation matches a percentage of the total amount we raise during their GiveBIG event allowing your donation to grow tremendously! Even just a $10 contribution will help make a BIG difference to our GiveBIG fundraiser.

This year they've added a new feature where donators can schedule their donations in advance!

Click HERE and GiveBIG to Kinnaly!

For every donation we'll be giving personal shout outs on our Facebook Page like we've done in the past so lookout for your name!

What Are We Raising Funds For?

  • 2016 Cultural Exchange Program
  • 2016 Lao Summer Camp
  • 2016 Forte: Summer Camp Showcase

2016 Lao New Year @ Wat Mixay

Two weeks ago we brought in the Lao New Year at Wat Mixay in Seattle, Washington. The weather was great and everyone was full of excitement. Our music students had the honor of playing during the ceremonies and a few of our Kinnaly dads led the parade. Several of our girls were selected and participated in Nang Sangkhan (might we say they looked amazing in their traditional Lao outfits) and our very own Malee Phavong (advanced dance student) was announced 2016 Miss Nang Sangkhan! We had a booth set up selling Thai Ice Tea, Khanom Khok (coconut rice dumpling dessert), and hot/ice coffee -- we completely sold out so THANK YOU to everyone who purchased from us!

We brought in the New Year with so much positivity surrounded by such an amazing community. We look forward to a fantastic year with you all! <3

Sok Di Pi Mai Happy Lao New Year!

Today marks the last day of the old year and the first day of the 3-day Lao New Year. As we are preparing our homes with the fresh smells of perfumed water, we want to pause and wish you a beautiful new year! May the journey of the new year be fragrant with new opportunities, your days be bright with new hopes and your heart be happy with love. Sok Di Pi Mai! Happy Lao New Year! From all of us at Kinnaly & Lao Heritage Pacific Northwest.

Photo: KHOM Photography captured this photo from last year's Lao New Year parade at Wat Lao Mixayaram featuring one of our student teachers, Selena Bounyavong.

2016 Lao Community Service Center's Lao New Year Fundraiser

Yesterday, our students had their first of many 2016 Lao New Year performances in Algona, Washington for Lao Community Service Center's New Year Party 2016! Our music and dance students performed for an audience of smiling and excited community leaders and volunteers whose mission is to build the first Lao community center in addition to providing services to our elders. Thank you for having us for such a great cause, LCSC! 

Photos: Khom Photography

Don't Forget To Register For 2016 Classes!

Don't forget to sign up for 2016 Kinnaly music & dance classes, especially those that are interested in our music classes, we have very limited spaces this year! Deadline is Thursday, December 10th (three weeks away!).

Feel free to turn in all registration and checks (payable to Lao Heritage Foundation) to Souchinda, Souriya, Desary OR mail to the following address:

Lao Heritage Foundation
PO Box 28580
Seattle, WA 98118

Remember you have three weeks (Thursday, December 10th) to sign up and get all your paperwork in. 

Download & Print: 

Halloween Bash 2015

So much fun with all the goblins and ghouls playing Musical Chairs (student & parent versions), Mummy Wrap, Trick-O-Treating, and shutting down the night doing the Whip & Nae-Nae! Check out some of our photo booth photos from the night :) 

VOA Lao Interview

Check out the article and interview VOA Lao covered on the Lao Heritage Foundation PNW committee members and cultural instructors from Laos!

ໂຮງຮຽນ ສອນດົນຕີ ແລະຟ້ອນ ພື້ນເມືອງລາວ ປະຈຳ ລະດູຮ້ອນ ປີ 2014 ທີ່ນະຄອນ ຊີອາເຕິນ

ຟັງລາຍງານການສຳພາດ ຄະນະບໍລິຫານ ອົງການມູນນິທິ ມໍລະດົກລາວ ທີ່ນະຄອນ Seattle ພ້ອມດ້ວຍ ຄູອາຈານ ສອນການເສບດົນຕີພື້ນເມືອງ ແລະການຟ້ອນ ຈາກ ໂຮງຮຽນສິນລະປະແຫ່ງຊາດ ສປປ ລາວ.