thank you for a great year! kinnaly class registration will open up for the 2018 school year in December.



Every Sunday we hold traditional Lao music and dance classes at Momentum Dance Academy in Burien, Washington. Classes are available from January to March (Winter Quarter) and April to June (Spring Quarter) with open registration the beginning of each quarter. During summer break, some of our students attend our Lao Summer Day-Camp the first two weeks of August.

All of our music and dance classes are taught by junior instructors (advance level students who have been in the program for over five years). Each class has at least two junior instructors. Additionally, there are three supervisors: Kathy Thaviseth (Program Manager), Phonetip Sivilay (Creative Manager), and Nancy Bounyavong (Instructional Manager).


Schedule & Location

Every Sunday @ Momentum in Burien, WA

  • January through March (Winter Quarter)
  • April through June (Spring Quarter)

1:00PM - 1:45PM Dok Mai (Beginner)

1:00PM - 2:30PM Kinnaly I (Intermediate)

1:00PM - 2:30PM Kinnaly II (Advance)


15811 Ambaum Blvd SW Suite 160

Burien, WA 98166

Dress Code


  • Kinnaly OR plain white shirt tucked into a sinh, Lao skirt, secure with a Lao belt or safety pins.
  • Hair up neatly and out of face. Braids, high ponytails, and ballerina buns are acceptable.
  • Minimal & natural makeup only.


  • Kinnaly OR plain white shirt tucked into dark leggings/pants. No jeans allowed.
  • Boy’s hair must be neat and out of face.

*Absolutely no shoes, socks, hats, and/or accessories while inside the studios.


Tuition & Fees

  • $50/quarter  OR  $100/school year
    • January through March (Winter Quarter)
    • April through June (Spring Quarter)
  • $5 off tuition for each additional child per quarter. (i.e. $45/quarter for sibling #2)

Dok Mai Beginner Class

This class focuses on learning:

  • Distinguishing Rhythm & Beat

  • Bouncing/Walking

  • Hand & Foot Coordination

  • Balance

  • Cultural Etiquette



Kinnaly 1 Intermediate Class

This class focuses on learning: 

  • Formations & Timing

  • Building Expressions

  • Flexibility 

  • Basic Dance Vocabulary (Lao)

  • Group Synchronization

  • Elegance & Grace in Movement

  • Endurance


Kinnaly 2 Advance Class

This class focuses on learning: 

  • Quick-Pace Learning

  • Solo/Group Performances

  • Complex Transitions/Formations

  • Proper Self Costuming 

  • Fine-Tuning Dance Techniques

  • Building Stage Presence